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Instagram Worthy Classroom Activities

My friend Luke teaches history at the secondary level. He just shared a great blog post about “insta-worthy” teaching activities that are great for any level! The title refers to museums catering their exhibits to Instagram. Because people love documenting their experiences on social media, museums have started making visually engaging exhibits that are designed to be photographed and shared. Luke explains that he was inspired to create similar activities for the classroom to increase student engagement.  
Luke shares 6 activities in this post that are sure to engage your students! The activity that I am the most excited to try is a CSI activity. This type of lesson would be great for analyzing primary and secondary sources. I think my students would love learning about the causes of the American Revolution in this interactive way. 
Another idea that I want to try is Magic Portraits. They are described in his post as video portraits that can be used to make presentations come alive. This activity requires the use of an app to make a historical person come “alive”. This would be great for my unit on Explorers!
Some of the other “insta-worthy” activities are pop-up notes, 3D lessons, tableaus, and green screen activities. I love that all of these cool activities could be done at any level!
If you teach social studies or history at the middle or high school level you should definitely check out his page that has awesome resources! 
Which activity are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments below. 

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