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Save Time in the Classroom with Google Forms

Google Forms are one of my FAVORITE teacher tools. There are lots of reasons to embrace using them, but the biggest one, in my opinion, is that they can save you time. Anything that saves time in the classroom is something worth trying. When you share a Google Form it collects responses automatically. The responses can be viewed easily. You can also download them to a Google Sheet.
Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start. I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favorite ways to use Google Forms in the classroom.
I used to send home paper copies on the first day of school. It would take days or even weeks to get all of the information back. Now I can share a link with parents in an email or during Open House. It is faster for parents and me!
I enjoy having parents volunteer in my classroom. A Google Form is a great way to organize this information. Parents can select areas they would be comfortable volunteering and days that they are available.
This is part of a Google Form that I use to ask for classroom volunteers.
If you are interested in trying this out but don’t have time to create them don’t worry! You can grab mine for FREE here. 

Using a Google Form for a quiz or test is a game-changer! Google Forms will automatically grade short answer and multiple-choice questions. This saves time when grading. I look at the data from the Google Form and then know which questions I need to focus on when looking at the assessment.

This is one question from a decimal quiz.

Once an assessment is created in Google Forms it can be used over and over. Questions can be added or deleted easily. It is also very easy to modify an existing assessment for differentiation. Make a copy of the quiz, change the title, change the questions to be easier or more challenging, and done!

I love using digital exit tickets because I can quickly scan the data and group students that need help with a concept.
Exit tickets questions using Google Forms can be created directly in Google Classroom, too!
I do this a lot in my class. We vote on the next read-aloud book or theme for a class celebration. We even voted for our March Madness Book Tournament using Google Forms. I like using Google Forms for votes in the classroom because each student votes for the choice wanted instead of voting for what a friend wants.
There are so many ways to use Google Forms in the classroom!

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