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Best of 2016

I am excited to participate in a Best of 2016 sale with a LOT of other TpT friends! I have placed my top 10 items on sale in my TpT store. You can search #bestof2016sale to see all of the amazing resources that will be on sale.

Here are my Top 5 best selling resources:

 5. Shop or Save? An Adding & Subtracting Decimals Game
This is a great game for practicing adding and subtracting decimals! It can be played in a math center or during a whole class lesson. Click here to find it in my store.

4. Stress-Free Math Enrichment: Comparing Numbers Project
This has been a popular resource!  Not all students do well on paper/pencil math tasks, but math projects let all students shine. Click here to find this resource.
3. Dollar Word$: A Stress-Free Cooperative Assignment
I created this after reading Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea with my class. We LOVED the book!  My students were interested in finding dollar words, so this resource was born. Click here to find it!

2. Stress-Free Math Enrichment: Favorite Number Project
This is another great math project.  It actually can be used in conjunction with my Comparing Numbers project (above). Click here to find it in my shop.

1.  Create a Board Game: A Stress-Free Project
This has been my bestselling resource. It has two versions. One version is ready to use for math. The other is an editable version that can be used for any subject. Click here if you are interested in a resource to help your kids create a board game. 
Thanks for checking out my top 5 resources!  I hope you found something that interested you! Happy New Year!

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