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Wish List Linky

I am SO excited to join up with Daisy Designs for a Wish List Linky describing the top 3 wish listed items in my TpT store.  

The Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale begins tomorrow and this linky will be the perfect way for me to find more resources to add to my cart.  Woo hoo!  All stores will be on sale and then there is a promo code, too.  Don’t you just love that graphic created by The Creative Classroom?

So, here we go!  The top 3 wish listed items in my store are:

This is a great math enrichment project. It was designed to complement a math unit that explored the following vocabulary: odd, even, prime, composite, factor, multiple, square number, square root, array, divisibility, and prime factorization.  Another section on creating equations that equal the favorite number is there to keep math skills sharp. You can find this resource by clicking here.

Most students love playing games in the classroom.  So, creating a board game would be even better! This project has two versions:
     •an original project geared toward math
     •an editable version for any subject
Students choose a topic, develop a theme, create a game, present it to the class, and enjoy a Game Day!  All the games get played and evaluated by the students.
In this product you will find:

• Directions
• Math Project planning sheets
• Editable project planning sheets
• Peer Evaluation sheets – 2 versions
• Rubric – 2 versions

Scrambled Stories is one of my favorite resources!  It is a story starter resource, but it has a twist. Students begin writing from a story starter.  After 10 – 15 minutes the students rotate, read what another student has written and continue from where he or she left off.  It is so much fun!  My class loves it.  You can check it out here. I also created a Google interactive version.  You can find that version here.

What resources are on your wish list?  Remember to check out Daisy Designs blog and the other sellers on the linky.  I can’t wait to add some resources to my cart!

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