Transform Your Classroom with Self-Grading Math Spiral Review

Who Else Wants to Save Time with a Self-Checking Spiral Review?

Spiral review is a powerful part of learning, and, when done properly, is time well-spent. So why aren’t more teachers using a spiral review? T-I-M-E. Some teachers think that it takes too much time to create and/or correct a daily math spiral review.

Research shows that students who practice previously introduced math skills via spiral review engage in deeper learning and retain information longer.

Whether paper and pencil or digital, spiral review is an essential part of daily math instruction and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. For maximum effect, though, remember these keys to using spiral review properly.

Dig Into Data

Students should spend time reviewing skills they are still learning. In this Spiral Review, skills and questions not only spiral, but also increase in difficulty. This means that students are always reviewing important math skills that increase in difficulty as the year progresses.

Data is a breeze with the use of Google forms in the Spiral Review. By using forms, you will have immediate access to student data, allowing you to change your instruction accordingly. Not sure about standards? Check the correlation chart, included in your purchase! You won’t miss a thing!

Make It Quick

A math lesson should include no more than ten minutes of review – if you’re spending more than ten minutes, again, you are wasting everyone’s time. The student will NOT retain the information, and the time could be better spent covering new material. 

Quick? How about six problems per day! Sounds about right! Students get into the Google form, efficiently answer the questions, and move on to their next task.

Students Need Routine

Be sure to make your spiral review routine predictable. When students know the routine, they don’t have to spend precious time clarifying directions or asking questions. Google forms are a familiar routine for already-tech-savvy kids. 

Wherever you put this spiral review – at the beginning of your instruction, in a center, or as a part of homework, students will easily grasp the procedures and get right to work.

Use Your Time Wisely

Speaking of time, how many minutes do teachers waste standing in front of the copy machine? Plenty! Then the copier jams, plan time ends and you go back to class with a partial stack of worksheets for your students. Frustrating.

Or how about the endless piles of papers to correct? It’s enough to make the most seasoned teacher cry. 

Say ‘goodbye’ to these scenarios by implementing this Spiral Review Bundle. It will revolutionize the way your students review math concepts! 

With one-hundred eighty days of math spiral review already done for you, you can forget about constantly creating or downloading review worksheets. Instead, you’ll be able to focus your time on helping your students to be successful in the area of math! 

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Who Else Wants to Save Time with a Self-Checking Spiral Review?

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