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3 Easy Ways Students Can Show Math Work Digitally

Digital resources are amazing. Ah-mazing! In fact, I might even say that digital resources are vital because so many of us are teaching in a hybrid or remote model. I have used digital resources for many years in all subject areas.   

Recently, I have received a few questions from teachers about using digital resources for math. Many teachers are reluctant to try them because they cannot see the work their students do to solve a problem. But, guess what? There are many ways that students can share their math thinking digitally.   

Record a Video

Students need to be able to explain how they solved a problem. An easy way to hear how students solved a problem is to have them record a video explaining the steps they took. There are many different ways that this can be done.   

Flipgrid is my number one choice for videos. Flipgrid is a website that allows teachers to facilitate discussions through video. Teachers post a video prompt or question and then students respond through video. I like to use Flipgrid when assessing math word problems or open response problems. 

Students (and teachers) can add stickers to the selfie that becomes the cover page of the video. It adds an element of fun to the activity.

Upload a Picture on a Google Slide

Many teachers, myself included, are using Google Slides to create colorful and engaging math activities. The moveable pieces are fun for students. The one drawback is when you want to see how students figured out the math instead of just the answer. But, there is a way.

This is an example of a typical Google Slides math resource. The student completed the work using moveable pieces.

Decimal Operations Google Slides Resource

Next, the student takes a picture of the work they did to solve the problem and uploads it to the Google Slide. This example shows the picture on top of the slide. Students could also insert a blank slide and upload the picture to that slide.

Use a Google Form

I 💜 Google Forms! They make my teacher life so much easier because they are self-grading and that saves me time. I have used them for math work for a long time, but only recently discovered that you can have students show their work on a Google Form. Now, I love them even more. Here is how it’s done:

Once the Forms are submitted you can view the results easily. Here is how:

Digital + math = stress-free lesson planning. Let me know if you have tried any of these ideas and how they worked. 


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