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Celebrate Digital Learning Day with Digital Task Cards

Do you use task cards in your classroom? If you answered YES, then you should give Boom Learninga try because it is basically a task card’s trendier cousin aka a digital task card. Boom decks can be used on interactive whiteboards, computers, and tablets that have modern browsers (released within the last three years).

There are many things to like about Boom Cards™, but here are some reasons why I LOVE them:

1. Boom Cards™ are paperless! They are ah-mazing because they save time. There is no need to print, laminate, and cut! Anything that saves time is a win in my book.

2. They are self-checking. Yes, you read that correctly. Students receive instant feedback while working through the cards. Sounds indicate whether a student has answered correctly or incorrectly.

3. You can access data. In today’s teaching world data collection is important. Collecting data with Boom Cards™is quick and efficient because it does it for you!

Aren’t they amazing?

Using Boom Cards
Boom Cards™can be used whole class, individually, or as a math center. They can also be assigned through Google Classroom (my personal favorite!).

You can find Boom Cards™directly on Boom Learning or you can purchase them on Teachers Pay Teachers. In order to use Boom Cards™you will need an account. There are several different account options. Free accounts include the ability to play purchased cards on interactive whiteboards and with individual students using Fast Play. Fast Play does not record student progress and will not gather data.

If you purchase a deck from Teachers Pay Teachers you will get, for three months, at no charge, the premium feature of student progress reporting. This free promotion is for 150 students. At the end of the three-month window, you will need to renew the account to continue having access to student progress reporting. Customers receiving the promotion will be able to upgrade to a higher service level account and to buy points to purchase additional decks like any other customer.
There are so many ways to use Boom Cards™ in the classroom. They can even be assigned for homework. Find some of my favorite decks here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about one way that I use technology in the classroom. Comment below to let me know how you will use this in your classroom. Then click the image below to read a tip from Sandy at Sweet Integrations to add digital learning to your classroom.

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