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Fun Activities for the Long Month of March

March is the month that makes many teachers feel queasy because winter break has happened already and spring break seems so far away. Here are a few of my favorite activities to make the long month of March fly by!

Tournament of Books
My students love any type of friendly competition! They also happen to love basketball. The Tournament of Books is a fantastic way to capitalize on the crazy March basketball season and get your students reading. There are many resources out there to help teachers set up a tournament of books. 
Here are the basics:
  • Choose 16 books and set up a bracket. The brackets will show the books that will face off against each other. 
  • Students need to read the books in order to vote. 
  • Excitement ensues as students watch the books move through the brackets until the champion is declared. 

I like to follow the basketball theme for the month. So, I created a packet of Tournament of Reading companion resources. I am using this reading log for my students to track their reading minutes. Every 20 minutes is equivalent to two points. At the end of the month students will total their score. You can get the log here.

March STEM
March themed STEM resources are another fun and educational go to in my classroom. From dogsled races to St. Patrick’s Day, March is full of occasions to use in this type of challenge. 
You can check out this set of challenges here.
Rainbow anything is also fun during March. We write in rainbow colors, create rainbow art, and use prisms to create rainbows in the classroom. What are your favorite March activities?

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