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Got Boom? If Not, You Should!

I started hearing about Boom last summer, but I wasn’t really sure what it was. It sat on my to investigate list for quite a while. I am SO glad that I finally checked it out and I think you will be, too.

Do you use task cards in your classroom? If you answered YES, then you should give Boom a try because it is basically a task card’s trendier cousin aka a digital task card. Boom decks can be used on interactive whiteboards, computers, and tablets that have modern browsers (released within the last three years).

There are three things that I LOVE about Boom.

  1. It is a paperless resource! 
  2. They are self-checking. Yes, self-checking! Instant feedback for the student as they are working through the cards has been a game changer in my classroom. Click on the image for a preview of a Boom Card deck.
    3. You can access data. In this day and age of data collection that we are teaching in, 
        gathering data quickly is important. Boom Cards can help with that.
Another thing that is AWESOME about Boom Cards is that you can get them right on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is okay if you don’t have a Boom account. When you redeem a Boom Card deck purchase from TpT, Boom Learning will open an account for you. For TpT customers that are new to Boom Cards, Boom Learning will give you, for three months, a free account that lets you track student progress for up to 80 students. At the end of that time you can choose to renew or not. If you choose not to renew you can still use your Boom Cards in Fast Play mode, but Fast Play does not track data.
Here are some Boom Card sets you might be interested in:
I am relatively new to Boom Cards, but they have become integral to my classroom. I have purchased and created many Boom Card decks. In full disclosure, Boom Learning will be giving me a membership for one year for sharing my thoughts with you about Boom Cards. But, even if they weren’t I would still sing their praises. 

Have you used Boom Cards in your classroom? I would love to know what you think. Comment below.

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